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Hi! Let me introduce myself. I’m Jay Vanevenhoven.


I am the current owner-operator of NORTHSIDE HARDWARE, INC. Well, I'm the “young blood” in this family operation. My uncle, Don Vanevenhoven, says he’s retired, but he shows up almost every day. My father, Paul Vanevenhoven, is semi-retired, which means he’s here most of the time too. (My uncle, John Vanevenhoven, who passed away in 2007, is sorely missed and remembered often and fondly by our loyal customers.)

Maybe a little history would help...

NORTHSIDE HARDWARE began in 1948 as a Gambles Store, owned  

 and operated by my great-uncle, Herb Hermsen, and his wife, Hattie. Folks in those days told Herb he’d never make it go way out there in the country. Businesses in Appleton were on College Avenue, not out amidst the farms. But, Herb went ahead anyway. Then in 1951 he began his association with the OUR OWN HARDWARE group and we were officially incorporated as NORTHSIDE HARDWARE. The 1950’s were good years for Herb. He needed help!

Enter Don, John, and Paul Vanevenhoven.

Without a family of his own, Herb looked for reliable employees and found them in three nephews from Little Chute—brothers, Don, John, and Paul. Each brother came on board as he entered high school, and each chose to make the store a full-time career after graduation. A family business indeed!

The three brothers eventually bought the business from Herb, but not until he instilled in them what it took to run a successful retail operation—the customer comes first. Herb’s most important instruction-- “When someone walks in that door, you drop whatever you’re doing and wait on that customer.” (67 years later that’s still our first priority.) Shortly into the brothers’ tenure, NORTHSIDE HARDWARE became a True Value member.

The “Boys” worked well as a team. The Garden Center developed into a major part of the business in the 1960’s. These were the days before the discounters and box stores, and the only other place to get flowers was a greenhouse or NORTHSIDE HARDWARE. Spring became a very busy time of year. Even after his retirement, Herb still came in to help and could be found tending geraniums in the Garden Center. Herb passed away in his late 80’s, and John became the expert and manager of the Garden Center. Don, the oldest brother, directed the whole hardware operation as president. Paul, the youngest brother, worked the sales floor and eventually developed and managed the Power Equipment Center.

Under the three Vanevenhoven brothers, NORTHSIDE HARDWARE earned a reputation for the kind of personal service and attention that allowed the store to more than compete with the discounters when they came on the scene.

The hardware store became a family business ON-THE-GROW! In 1975 a warehouse was added. A full-service small engine repair shop moved into that warehouse in 1982. A second store, VANEVENHOVEN HARDWARE, was added in DePere, Wisconsin in 1982. The original Appleton hardware store was remodeled to twice its size in 1988. The buildings received a new façade in June 1994. 1996 saw a major addition to NORTHSIDE POWER EQUIPMENT CENTER.

Over the years most of the “Boys'” family members have worked in the business for at least a short time. Among the many cousins who found part-time and full-time work in the family hardware were Lee, John's son, and Jay, Paul's son. Both worked part-time at the business in high school and went on to other careers. Both eventually married, had families, and opted to come back into the business. Lee rejoined the family business in 1994, Jay in 1996. Both worked together under Don's, then John's, and eventually Paul's leadership until 2014 when Lee left the business to pursue another career, and Jay took the helm.

Though there has been another “changing of the guard”, Jay continues to run NORTHSIDE HARDWARE on the same principles that have stood the test of time—67 years plus!

 “We always greet you with a smile and a warm welcome. Customer service is our first priority. We maintain a top-notch retail hardware store, an 8,000 square foot retail power equipment center, and a professional , and well-trained small engine repair staff. Quality products at a fair price, and prompt, professional service with a smile are always our goal. We pride ourselves on having the most complete hardware department in the area, and if we don’t have it, we will get it for you. Our fully-trained staff will help you find all your paint, electrical, plumbing, and lawn and garden needs. Come in and see our complete selection of power equipment and garden items, grills, commercial cleaning supplies, and all the odds and ends to make your stop at NORTHSIDE TRUE VALUE HARDWARE a true “one-stop” shopping experience.”


 Left to right: John and uncle Herb Hermsen (Founder) 


 Left to right: John, Don, Paul 

 Northside Power Center is proud to be one of the best customer focused suppliers of power equipment in N.W. Wisconsin. With our fully certified staff of technicians and our award winning team of customer service personnel, you can be sure the level of customer service will surpass your expectations. We carry a huge selection of major brands from equipment manufacturers like Toro, Husqvarna, Ariens, Echo and Gravely. Our huge selection of OEM parts will satisfy all you immediate needs, and our knowledgeable staff will help you locate all those hard to find repair parts and quickly and easily so you can get back to work. With our team of fully certified technicians, you can have complete confidence that you will be serviced quickly and correctly the first time using genuine parts direct from our equipment manufacturers. With our pickup and delivery service, you can have your lawn equipment picked up, serviced, and delivered back from the convenience of your home.  Just give us a call to arrange for your pick up today. 

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